Sannidal, Norway

Georg Tveit AS has been involved in quartz for over 100 years and is a recognized player in the extraction of quartz in Norway. The family business is based in Kragerø, where the company operates Snekkevik (Sannidal) quarry. When it was decided to invest in a new crushing plant, they engaged the turnkey supplier Nordic Bulk AS.

Georg Tveit AS, which is currently operated by Bjørn Thomas Tveit, produces over 250,000 tonnes of quartz a year.


When Georg Tveit AS decided to invest in a new crushing plant, the search for a supplier with the expertise to design a modern plant that could use the existing terrain to achieve good and cost-effective operations began. It was important that the new facility met the requirements for capacity, safety and the environment. Based on previous collaborations, Georg Tveit AS was impressed by the quality of the solutions offered by Nordic Bulk AS and the ability to deliver a turnkey solution. Bjørn Thomas Tveit says: “We realized the need for a cutting-edge crushing-plant with the possibility of simple and efficient control systems.”

“We have worked with Nordic Bulk in the past and were well aware that they can deliver solutions that meet our expectations, both in terms of quality and production capacity.”

Says Bjørn Thomas Tveit

The solution of Nordic Bulk

Good cooperation

Throughout the process, Nordic Bulk AS and Georg Tveit AS have maintained a close dialogue. This has ensured a solution that is carefully crafted to the customers needs and that it meets the customers expectations.

Tailor-made solution

The plant is designed to maximize the efficiency of the mass flow and make the best possible use of the location, including a short distance from quarry to crusher for dump trucks, and the plant is built so that the material-flow follows the gravity so that the energy requirement is reduced.

Nordic Bulk has a design and project approach that involves close collaboration with the customer to achieve the optimal solution tailored to their needs.

The facility meets today’s requirements for employees, neighbors and the customer. This includes noise reduction and simple control systems that make it possible to control the entire production right from an iPad.

Innovative technology

The state-of-the-art crushing plant is built with innovative solutions from Nordic Bulk.

Magnet over conveyor

When the material passes under the magnet, it removes any metal objects from production, resulting in a cleaner product. Examples of metal contamination are screws and nails but also other larger unwanted metal parts that can damage equipment or contaminate the end product.

Jaw crusher and three-decked screening system

The material goes through a double crushing and screening process. Among other things, the product is run through a three-decked screening system, which removes fines and ensures the purity of the finished product.

The results

High quality

The new crushing plant covers the need for the production of over 250,000 tonnes of quartz per year. The end product is high-quality quartz in fractions 0-11, which is sold on to concrete production and 11-90, which is sold to smelters.

Built for long-term operation

Nordic Bulk always focuses on using high-quality materials and parts, which lay the foundation for reliable production for many years to come.

With a production capacity of 300 tons per hour, the plant delivers first-class quartz products.

Peder Egeland says: “The crushing plant will strengthen Georg Tveit AS with increased efficiency and profitability. The facility is built with modern solutions and for long-term operation. We look forward to following Georg Tveit’s further success.”

Better for the environment

The crushing plant has been created with both the local community and the employees in mind. The jaw crusher is integrated into a separate “sandwitch” building. This solution significantly reduces noise and dust in the area, which is positive for both the workplace and the surroundings.

What does the customer say?

According to Bjørn Thomas, those at Georg Tveit AS have already noticed the result of the new crushing plant. “The crushing plant is built to make production much easier. Production works seamlessly from crusher to delivery on the boats that come in. We get a good overview of production with scales in the plant, which gives us accurate information about how much we produce, and how much is in stock, at any given time. I can definitely recommend Nordic Bulk to others who are considering investing in similar facilities.”

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