Scratcher segment and Ploughlist

Polyurethane scraper segments for scrapers and fine scrapers are 100mm wide, with embedded hard metal for efficient conveyor cleaning. The segments spring individually, which provides good contact surface against conveyor belts. The result is good effect and long service life.

New plough strip that fits both Nordic Plog and Nordic Plog Pro. The material is durable polyurethane for a long service life. Available in 2.2 meter length. Cut to the desired length.

  • Nordic finskrape segment - med hardmetall

    Varenummer: 14946

    741 stk på lager

  • Nordic forskrape segment - med hardmetall

    Varenummer: 14970

    926 stk på lager

  • Nordic plog list - 2200 mm

    Varenummer: 15010

    115,1 stk på lager