Kuper Varia Clamp on

The VARIA-CLAMP-ON panels are strong but easy to install. The panels can be supplied in KÜPRENE (polyurethane) GK-SOFT (polyurethane) GIGANT (Rubber) or CLEAN (Rubber) depending on their area of ​​application. The Varia system makes it possible to use several different types of material in the panel on one and the same sight deck, which often provides practical advantages. Varia adapter strips are mounted on T iron or C profiles in sight before mounting Varia panels. The panels are easy to insert, lift out or slide in and out from the sides.

The adapter strip also protects the steel support structure against wear. The VARIA “CLAMP-ON” system is not only suitable for mounting on new screening machines, but is also ideal for rebuilding existing systems. The Varia system requires little or no maintenance and is considered to be very cost-effective.

Download pdf for detailed information: