Steering roll

Steering rollers provide less wear on the conveyor belt and conveyor, as well as less slurring on the drive drum by steering off the conveyor belt bent. They are mounted on the framework of the conveyor against the side of the conveyor belt. Available with polyurethane sleeve that threads over steering roll to increase service life. We also have holders / brackets that can be mounted on trusses. See photo.

To order a board roll out of standard: download pdf, fill in and send by email to

  • Holder for styrerull - høyre

    Varenummer: 24425

    19 stk på lager

  • Holder for styrerull - venstre

    Varenummer: 24424

    25 stk på lager

  • Holder for styrerullholder - (b)

    Varenummer: 24426

    53 stk på lager

  • Hylse for styrerull ø63 (pu)

    Varenummer: 15045

    180 stk på lager

  • Styrerull ø108-180mm - aksel ø20-240 mm

    Varenummer: 16626

    24 stk på lager

  • Styrerull ø63-110mm - aksel ø20-170 mm - for pu hylse

    Varenummer: 10266

    3 stk på lager

  • Styrerull ø89-190mm - aksel ø20-260 mm

    Varenummer: 10270

    18 stk på lager