Sometimes there were so many iron deposits in the mass that the metal detector knocked out 10-15 times an hour,” says Olav Gilje, from experience as an operator in quarries.

Eliminate 75% of shutdowns

Magnetic detector in quarries

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Having worked in quarries, workshops and as a supplier for over 30 years, I have seen it all. My recommendation is to take metal seriously and use magnets. It can cost you dearly if not.

Olav Gilje, former operator of quarries.

You avoid:

  • Downtime due to. stop
  • Stress at the plant
  • Employees who get bored

Gilje goes on to explain how he experienced that the guys on the floor naturally got tired of checking the tape often. Many times they found nothing to remove.

“Eventually it becomes ‘wolf, wolf’ and people may start the work without checking properly. If there’s actually some metal buried in the stone, you could be bad outside,” he said.

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