Skako Vibration feeders

Feeders from Skako handle everything from the finest powder to large stones. Contact us for advice on feeders adapted to your production.

Advantages of a solid feeder:

Skako vibration feeder

Customized for your production

Vibration feeders from Skako can be used in many different industries such as quarries, mineral industry, environmental stations, fertilizer, grain or concentrated feed.

The speed and type of vibration is adapted to the volume and type of material.

Automatic adjustment

Skako feeders can be connected to the control system and automatically adjust the output according to how much the plant needs to produce evenly at any given time.

If a crusher or sieve starts to get full, it notifies the feeder to adjust down or turn off feeding. If the oversized hopper starts to empty of stones, the feeder adjusts the speed upwards. Can also be overridden manually from the data, giving you full control of the feed.

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