Modern dust suppression

Nozzles with compressed air provide economical operation

Nozzles with high pressure of air and water create water particles (mist) the same size as dust particles. They catch the dust, which then falls to rest. The entire system is encapsulated with steel plates and rubber to ensure effectiveness and protect against wind.

The system is operated using only water and compressed air, without the addition of any kind of chemicals. This makes the system cheap to operate. Uses approx. 1-2 liters of water per tonne produced.

Top HSE with dust suppression:

Sismak Dust Solutions

Huge difference before/after

This much dust is not common in Scandinavia, but the film shows how effective dust suppression is.

Sismak Dust solutions is from Turkey, where dust is a big problem. They are specialists in the field.

More efficient than regular nozzles

When using traditional nozzles, the water molecules become far too large and they will help little with the airborne dust. In addition, the material will become muddy and not suitable for sieving, in contrast to the Sismak system, which has minimal water consumption.

The system can be operated using a cable-controlled control panel or can be built into a PLC system. It is then possible to switch the various lines on or off as required.

No frost problems

When the system is turned off at the end of the working day, separate solenoid valves will cut off the water supply and compressed air will be blown through the entire system. When the water is empty, you avoid frost problems, and all water filters are blown clean of contamination.

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Specialists from Trykia

Expertise in dust

We work closely with Sismak Dust Solutions from Turkey. They have extensive experience in and around the Middle East – some of the world’s driest areas for stone production.

With frost protection, the facilities are adapted to Scandinavia.

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