Drum screen for stone

Large factions

The machines handle large stones. With a drum of 1.2 – 1.8 meters in diameter.

Retrieve values

Stone can be separated from all types of mass. Soil, roots, shingle, clay that sticks can be dumped into the sieve.

Tested in Norway

Norsk Stein and Stangeland Pukk have MDS machines which they use to clean masses.

Fines are separated

Fine material can be used on site, to build up slopes, flower beds and the like.

Easy to move

Pack up transporters and drive it up on the trolley within the hour.

Stangeland recycles with a drum sieve

When Stangeland Pukk created industrial land for Norsk Hydro on Karmøy, they used the MDS drum screen to separate rock from the excavated masses.

They sifted out a fraction which they used to break up the plot, and a smaller one to build up flowerbeds and surrounding areas, before putting in soil. As much as possible was used on site.

They save money on:

MDS 412

300 tonnes per hour

MDS’s drum screen can be used to dig out of land, utilize excess stock in crushing plants, when building ditches, road construction, and separating sticky masses, e.g. clay from stone.

Simple but effective technology knocks off all loose material.


Environmentally friendly and profitable

With a drum screen for stone, you save money because you don’t have to bring in so much stone from outside, and it is also beneficial for the environment to reuse masses on site. This way you avoid transport stages both to and from. If you extract so much rock that you cannot sell it all directly on site, you can sell it on.

Advantages of the MDS drum screen

Profitable for landfill

If you run a landfill, you can first charge for the masses. You can then use a drum screen to extract stone from the same mass, and then sell it on again. You earn both in and out. The goal is to throw away as little material as possible, while making money.

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Various sizes

Capacity adapted to your use

Drum sieves are supplied in various sizes, depending on what you are going to produce and the quantity. They can also be combined and lined up if needed for several factions in the same place.

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